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Partnering in Growth

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What does working with me look like?

  • Initial consultation:

    • We will get on the same page of what our time together will look like. 

    • Answer questions regarding coaching/client relationship.

    • Introduce "self-discovery packet"

  • Review self-discovery packet

    • We will take the time to review key points together

    • Establish target areas of desired growth; understand goals

  • Uncover roadblocks and self-limiting beliefs

  • Consider motivating factors, get clear on the "why?"

  • Options to utilize personality tests

    • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (more insight into oneself, how you interact with others and the world around you)​

    • Enneagram system (offers a more holistic insight about your personality, motivations, and sense of purpose)

    • Ultimately: We are partners in this journey towards positive change

      • Space to reflect, consider, learn, and grow in a direction you want​

    • Open yourself to opportunity to be changed

You know yourself best and what it is that you want (need?) to work on. If you're unclear, that's okay too! Some things we simply cannot do alone. The people nearest and dearest to us can hold valuable space for us, and can also be too close to the source to help us take the necessary steps to zoom our and look at our lives. I offer a clear space to step into, to reflect and share. This offering can help you get clearer on what can be done to make subtle (and some not so subtle) shifts towards living more aligned with yourself. 








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