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The frequency of love

143 was the number of "crowns" I earned on Oura ring this past quarter. A crown is earned when the Oura Ring see that my activity level is high enough during the day, my sleep is restful with a low resting heart rate, and the time I am asleep is usually at least 7.5 hours. I wear the ring on my pinky finger, as it was a hand-me-down from an aunt and it only fits that finger. So I'm a pinky ring girly.

143 seems to popup everywhere in my life right now. Whether it is my average heart rate from a workout, the average MPH speed of my bike ride, or a bridge height, I see those numbers in a row a lot.

143 = I love you. Each number represents the number of letters in that sentence. Every time I see it, it feels like the universe is reminding me that love is ever-present and I am living with love. I am loved and I love who I am.

April - June was pretty up and down for me. I've been learning a lot about myself and some of my avoidant tendencies that I know tend to read more into than others and pay a lot of attention to compared to maybe the average person. So what might not be much of an issue for my neighbor in their own perspective, my analytical tendency usually results in me bringing out the looking glass to assess and review my life and daily choices.

Good or bad, who's to say.

I've been feeling more comfortable with the idea of "enough" and finding joy now, as opposed to waiting for X, Y, or Z to change in order to be more content. Life is a "try it on for size" kind of party, anyway. What may be avoidance for one person, may just be living out the "dream life" for another. Who's to say? Only you, as you are the one living your life. Do no harm, ideally live healthy and happy, and if you can find it... live in the frequency of love.

The frequency of love is the place of mind, body, and heart that feels so good - it's an energy that courses through you and around you. It is a light energy that connects you, inevitably, to the world around you. It attracts to you the light, good-feeling energy of others. This frequency brings more of it the world around you and within you. To live in the frequency of love does not mean that you are always in it, it just means that your baseline or your typical energy vibration and oura is that frequency of love. It's a good vibes kind of living. And when you're grumpy, irritable, tired, and drained it doesn't mean anything other than you are just totally human, and humans sometimes feel off. That is okay!

To feel "off" usually means to feel imbalanced, or just in a lower frequency state of being. It happens to everyone. To feel the less comfy things in life like disappointment, anger, fear, jealousy, unworthiness, sadness, etc. is just being a human on the full spectrum. Something I've noticed, however, is when we become aware of how we're feeling and what helps us to snuggle into the fun-loving frequency of love, it is way easier to access this space more often. Get to know it well, know how and when you find yourself there, and how it is that you feel love in the way you're choosing to spend your time/your life.

Some things that help me live in this frequency:

  • acknowledging cravings, especially when they pertain to sugar or a cold craft beer (yum) and asking myself if there is an uncomfy emotion that I need to feel

  • using a small bowl for thoughtfully chosen ice cream

  • don't have another drink before bed

  • get to sleep at a time that will allow for 8+ hours of potential sleep time, which really winds up being like 7.5 hours because of the time it takes to fall asleep and also doze in the morning

  • smiling to myself

  • smiling genuinely at myself in the mirror

  • speaking in my own voice

  • acknowledging other people with undivided attention and presence, even if it is in a brief moment passing by on a trail

  • feeding my body food that I love and that helps me to feel good on the inside

  • making the healthier choices at meal times or when snacking whenever I feel inspired to, this relieves the perceived stress of indulging at other times - balance

  • moving my body! sweating, breathing rhythmically and heavy, and feeling my heart race as I challenge my body

  • talking openly and genuinely with people I love

  • reading books that make me feel excited about being alive

  • learning more about myself and other humans


  • nature

  • water (drinking it and being in/on it)

  • meditation/yoga

In the frequency of love, going to work feels purposeful and enriching. It feels inspiring, heart-opening, and joyful when we get to receive love in the mundane interactions of living.

My hike today absolutely kicked ASS. I loved climbing that city mountain, passing many passers by - both young and old. "Happy trails," is a great line if you want to mix up your "mornin'!" or "hello!" on trails. It's a great way to acknowledge the fellow hiker, see them working and moving, and wishing them well on their way of life.

Happy trails, friend.

With love,

Brooklynne on a bike

P.S. Hiking thought this morning: What do you think about the business name "Brook Through Life" as a play on my name (Brooke) and thinking of a brook as a steady flow of water? Brook through life a.k.a. flow through life. I don't want it to come off as arrogant or egoic. Let me know your thoughts :)

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