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Spending Time in Uncertainty

A friend recently said to me that having closure is bullshit. Why can't we be okay in the state of the unknown, and relish in what is? We can, I think. Even if we don't know an outcome (rarely do we know what the outcome will be) we can still be okay. So, how do we then know what to do?

Quiet the mind, open the heart.


Our breath is the literal force of our being, it is with us the moment we are born into living life until the moment we die. It is our breath that can connect us into this very ever-present moment. In this moment, when our minds and bodies are so connected that we can see how our hearts are always with us. Our heart is where the spirit is kept and it will guide you to the answers you seek.

When we breathe, focusing on each breath and how it moves in and through us, we are bringing all of our awareness -- all of us -- into now. And now is certain. Because you are in it.

Breathe in. Breathe out. All is well in this very moment.

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