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Mindful Pedaling: Cycling Through Life's Storms

The more I slow down and connect with myself, the more the stories start to come back up. I see how cycling is a source of inner peace for me, in motion. It isn't that hard on my body, and I can feel a sense of control as I exercise my heart and muscles without straining my feet or knees to the same degree that running does. Another post on running another day.

What I love about biking is the way that it allows me to explore. On a bike I've had the privilege of knowing my space, my cities, and myself in a way that I've never experienced the like before. On a bike, I can travel for miles and miles at a speed that allows for observation and attention - as opposed to a motor vehicle. I can go faster or slower depending on the purpose of the ride. Am I commuting, training, or just popping around?

When I ride in the car and see a place for the second time, having previously been there on my bike I feel this sense of pride and joy... I've been here before! I remember that day and that ride. And then, of course, there are times that I would only ever see a place because of the two wheels that are carrying me.

Thank you, bike,

for the freedom you've allowed me

for the community you've shown me

for the creativity you've awoken within me

for the strength of heart you've provided me

and for the love of self you've instilled within me.

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