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Being true to Self

There's no need to be afraid of radically being who I am. I love to connect with people in this way. I want to create a vibrant community around me where that is how I feel in my interactions. There is effort in community building, as well as bravery. 

What if I need to invest in building a community? What if in that lay the life of my dreams, and not the other way around? As I invest in my being, I am investing in my life, and investing in my business. So what does building a community look like? Showing up to events. Finding a group of like-minded individuals that feel good to be around. Invite them to spend time on a hike, or dinner party. Be bold.

When I know I'm understood, I can really go off in the way that I am sharing and connecting. I totally believe there is a correlation in the deep underlying sense of self-confidence (or confidence in Self) and how I feel socially. When there is a confidence of Self, it's easier to connect authentically.

In other words... be real y'all.

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