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Brooklynne On a Bike

Holistic living coach.

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Hello, my friend!
I'm happy you're here.

Biking in Utah

Our twenties can be an extraordinarily challenging time. Many twenty-somethings are graduating from school, starting new jobs, quitting jobs, traveling, dating new people, getting married, experiencing hardship (some of the hardships for the very first time), losses, navigating new cities, new living situations, and so much more. Through my lived experience, education, and the calling to connect -it is my desire to hold space for those that are navigating difficult and exciting times of life. Whether you are experiencing a profound shift in your sense of Self, a dysregulation or disconnection from your emotions, debilitating uncertainty and indecision, or simply "just having a hard time" and you want to get out of your own way... Let's talk!

Empower the Self through loving kindness & awareness

Know thyself. Love thyself. Develop thyself.

How can I be more me and live brighter & bolder?

Joyful Living

We are fundamentally wired for love, connection, growth, and joy. We may find ourselves going through the motions of living, closed off to the breath-taking beauty of life all around us.


If you're thinking to yourself, how do I become more aware, more present in my own body, and fulfilled in life? I'd love to connect and talk about life's potential together.

The Teacher in Me, Honors the Teacher in You

Selfie on a bike in Utah

Life will pass us by, whether or not we are aware of the time passing. Might as well be who you are radically designed to be and enjoy the ride.

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